Mental Health

State licensed as a comprehensive mental health treatment provider, Southwest Behavioral Health Center provides outpatient therapy as a major part of its service continuum. Outpatient services are provided Monday through Friday. Appointments can be scheduled independently by each office. In some locations, Southwest Behavioral Health Center operates a separate youth outpatient program for treating childhood and adolescent mental health disorders.

Outpatient services provided may include:

  • crisis intervention
  • individual, group, or family therapy
  • parent education
  • skills development
  • respite care
  • psychological evaluation & testing
  • psychiatric evaluation
  • pharmacotherapy
  • specialized women's and children's services
  • coordination and networking with other agencies
  • case management

All services provided to adults, youth and their families are provided without judgment and aim to help individuals and families to recover from the challenges of mental illness.

Southwest Behavioral Health Center operates a 24-hour emergency response system, which is accessible in Beaver, Iron, Garfield, Kane and Washington Counties. Crisis staff members work closely with other agencies to manage each emergency.

To access emergency intervention services, call (435) 634-5600 or Toll-Free (800) 574-6763

By contract with St. George Regional Hospital (SGRH) and a network of other hospitals across the State, Southwest Behavioral Health Center coordinates inpatient psychiatric hospital treatment for Medicaid enrollees. These hospital units provide a short-term structured environment for individuals with acute psychiatric needs while providing medical, psychological, and psychosocial treatment. Southwest Behavioral Health Center's staff work in close cooperation with hospital staff on discharge and aftercare of clients referred to the hospital by the Center. Southwest Behavioral Health Center also manages multiple beds at the Utah State Hospital for individuals that may require that setting for acute or intermediate care and treatment.

Southwest Behavioral Health Center provides case management for adults and youth diagnosed with a serious mental illness who need assistance in gaining access to and maintaining necessary care and services. Case managers work closely with clients to assess their specific needs. Individualized treatment plans are designed to meet those needs.

Examples of Case Management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in applying for entitlement benefits like Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, etc.

  • Intensive in-home support during a crisis

  • Assistance in obtaining needed medical, social, educational, and other approved services

  • Advocacy services

  • Assistance in obtaining and maintaining housing

  • Representative payeeship

One of the most pervasive and debilitating characteristics of serious mental illness is social isolation. This is often due to limited vocational and educational opportunities and restricted social interaction. Southwest Behavioral Health Center maintains two programs to help clients and community members recover from these limiting aspects of mental illness: Elev8, located in St George, and Oasis House located in Cedar City.

Both provide outreach services to Kane, Garfield and Beaver Counties. These day programs provide individuals with a supportive network that includes educational opportunities, vocational and life skills training, employment opportunities, and assistance with housing resources. The environment is designed to foster friendships and maintain a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Members take an active role in the governance and operation of the program. These communities are built upon the belief that every member can sufficiently recover from the effects of mental illness to lead a personally satisfying life. Members are dedicated to one another's success - no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is. Each program is organized around a belief in the potential for productive contributions from everyone, in spite of the severe effects of mental illness.

Elev8 and Oasis House are open during general business hours Monday through Friday. Each program is enhanced by weekend, evening and holiday social activities. For more information please contact the program nearest you.

Services include:

  • Supported Employment
  • Financial Skills
  • Education Support
  • Housing Support
  • Safe Haven
  • Meaningful Work
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Health and Wellness programs
  • Transportation (wheelchair accessibility available) provided for clients

515 West 300 North, Suite A, St. George
(435) 628-0612

Oasis House
170 East Altamira Ave, Cedar City
(435) 586-0213


Housing and Support Services
Housing and Support services are designed to help meet the challenging housing needs faced by so many of the Center’s clients and families. This support is provided in conjunction with our local housing authorities to clients who do not require a 24-hour supervised living arrangement, but will benefit from a stable and independent living arrangement when otherwise not found in the community. These arrangements are generally temporary until a client is able to find housing elsewhere in the community. As such, Southwest Behavioral Health Center operates several duplexes and apartments in Iron and Washington Counties.

Additionally, Southwest Behavioral Health Center operates a 24-hour supervised residential program for people who have from severe mental illness and need a particular level of regular supervision. Mountain View House staff aim to enable clients to reach their highest level of functioning in the least restrictive environment. The supportive environment helps to resolve feelings of loneliness and alienation. The services promote acceptance and approval among the residents.

Services offered

  • Day treatment participation and other mental health therapy

  • Coordination of personal goal planning

  • Meaningful social and interpersonal experiences

  • Skills development training in independent living, money management, housekeeping, cooking, and personal hygiene

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