Public Information

Southwest Behavioral Health Center is a political subdivision of the State of Utah, created by means of an Inter-County Cooperative Agreement between the counties of Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, and Washington. As such, the Center is supported, in part, by County, State and Federal dollars.

All clients are expected to participate in the cost of care and treatment. Client co-payments are set according to a sliding fee schedule, which is based on family income and size. Southwest Behavioral Health Center's Authority Board approved the sliding fee schedule. No one will be denied services because of inability to pay. Medicaid, Medicare and some insurance companies set their own client co-payments for services.

Transportation to and from appointments is available to Medicaid and other eligible clients who are receiving services at SBHC and have no other means of transportation. In some cases, transportation is provided by taxi in communities that offer these services, or by special ADA-equipped buses in St. George & Cedar City, and/or by center-owned vehicles when available. For most clients, SBHC also makes available reduced fare passes on the public inner city bus system in both St. George & Cedar City.

Southwest Behavioral Health Center does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, race, creed or religion, color, disability, sex, national origin, ancestry, or political affiliation or any other designation stipulated by applicable state and national law.

Southwest Behavioral Health Center retains clinical client records for a minimum period of six (6) years after the last client contact date.

Utah Public Meeting Notice
As required by Utah Law Southwest Behavioral Health Center publishes all of its public meetings on the "Utah Public Meeting Notice" (UPMN) website.

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