Medicaid Managed Care

Southwest Behavioral Health Center is the behavioral health provider for most Medicaid recipients (enrollees) in the Southwest Utah counties of Beaver, Garfield, Kane, Iron and Washington counties. (The Medicaid enrollee’s Medicaid card will show the designated Behavioral Health provider). For these covered by Southwest, the Center is responsible for the authorization, management and provision of all behavioral health and psychiatric services (outpatient to inpatient). All behavioral health services must be approved by Southwest Behavioral Health Center before the individual or family member can receive services. Call one of our offices or (800) 574-6763 toll-free to request services. Office staff will evaluate the need for services and establish a plan. Some Medicaid clients may qualify for transportation assistance. For more information, contact the Intake and Engagement Specialist in the nearest office. For information on Southwest Behavioral Health Center’s Medicaid grievance process, contact the receptionist at one of our offices.

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