Meet The Team

Our team at Southwest Behavioral health center is committed to enriching lives; promoting wellness and recovery from severe mental illnesses and addiction, offering you a diverse array of services tailored to your needs.

Executive Team:

  • Michael Deal, MPA, Executive Director
  • Michael Sherratt, LCSW, Clinical Director
  • Matthew Gardiner, Controller
  • Wendy King, Director of Client Information Systems

Clinical Management Team:

  • Ryan Heck, Program Manager, Adult Mental Health Services (Washington county)
  • John Brown, Program Manager, Adult Mental Health and Youth Behavioral Health Services (Iron county)
  • Paul Staheli, Program Manager, Youth Behavioral Health Services (Washington county)
  • Rylee Munns, Program Manager, Adult Substance Use Disorder Services
  • Lori Guyton, Program Manager, Medical Services
  • Logan Reid, Program Manager, Prevention Services
  • Scott Corsi, Program Manager, Crisis Services
  • Kurtis Hayden, Program Manager, Adult Inpatient Hospital Liaison
  • Eduardo Bonilla, Program Manager, Youth Inpatient Hospital Liaison 
  • Shari Lindsay, Program Manager, Crisis Stabilization Center
  • Joseph Coombs, Program Manager, Mental Health Services (Beaver, Garfield and Kane counties)

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