Mission, Vision, Values

Southwest’s Mission Statement defines our business, our objectives and the approach we take to reach those objectives. We are committed to serving individuals, families and our community. Our Vision Statement describes what we hope to accomplish as we do what we do. This is what we work toward. 


Southwest Behavioral Health Center is about enriching lives; promoting Wellness, Wellbeing and Recovery from severe mental illness and addiction through education, prevention and integrated behavioral health services.


Southwest Behavioral Health Center will help to build communities in which citizens may enjoy lives free from the sigma and disability of addiction and mental illness.


Our stated values define the culture of Southwest and unite our team as we strive to serve the public and meet the demands of our Mission and Vision Statements. These Values guide our everyday actions and interactions which translate to a more positive experience for our clients, their families and our communities. 

Southwest Behavioral Health Center employees share these common values that drive all services, policies, and relationships within the organization.  These values are owned and exemplified by every employee:

•   Every person associated with the Center has individual worth and deserves the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

•   Staff commit themselves to the pursuit of excellence by engaging in activities that foster quality, innovation and efficiency.

•   Staff conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner that reflects positively upon the agency.

•   Staff work collaboratively and cooperatively with all entities, both within and outside the organization.

•   All practices of the Center are conducted in an honest, fair and open manner.

•   Operations of the Center are recovery-focused and client-and-family-centered.

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